Send in the Drones: New Ambient mix, Free Download, 320kbps

machv 9 April, 2012 7
Send in the Drones: New Ambient mix, Free Download, 320kbps

Ok time for a welcome change of pace and a return to the chill out room. This mix I’ve been planning for over a year now, but hadn’t found the time to sit down and really work on the idea until just recently. Initially I wanted to make a mix of purely droney, ambient music but I kept coming across tunes that fitted too well with the flow of the mix which weren’t droney at all, but the title, had to stay, so for those Ambient Drone purists, I hope you won’t mind the occasional forays into recognisable melody and occasional beat. :). My original idea was to showcase ambient drones and, apart from the notable exceptions, I think that idea is still at the heart of the mix. If you disagree, well… tough. It’s very important for me to thank a few people who were instrumental in making this mix happen: Ali at Inspiral Cafe who originally muttered that he didn’t like ambient drones which made me want to prove him wrong; Ryan at A Strangely Isolated Place blog for the Ex Confusion track that will be coming out in ASIP’s new “Places” series, along with the Echaskech “626” track which was specifically written for my BT Tower video as well as general awesomeness for all his support of awesome electronic leftfield music, without which I wouldn’t have found so much of the music that I love today; to Future Sequence for their wonderfully free “SEQUENCE” compilations which you can get from their website, to Andy from Digitonal for the recommendation of the fantastic Leaves “Leaving Eleven” compilation, another great ambient freebie; to Ed McFarlane for his inspirational soundcloud mix “Bells of Adderbury Church (bellsofadderburychurch by edmacfarlane) (where I shamelessly nicked the first track from); To Echaskech for their continued patience and support, as well as the awesome 626 track; To Tom Green (Another Fine Day), for him generosity and musical genius, and finally to Jean “Moebius” Giraud (, who’s artwork I’ve used for this, who sadly died March 10, 2012. Moebius was, without a doubt, the finest and most moving comic book artist I’ve ever come across, and though his style and influence can been seen in most of the sci-fi blockbusters over the last 30 years or more, it’s his stories that touch me the most; The Airtight Garage, Incal, Arzach just to name a few all moved in a different plane from other writers & artists, blending sci fi with a journey into surrealism, humour and spirituality. Gir, you will be missed and remembered forever and this mix is dedicated to your memory. STOE ORKEO!

Tracklisting (links to the free downloadable ones)
00:00 Mark McGuire – Alma (reprise)
01:00 Echaskech – Tundra (from Future Sequence – SEQUENCE2 )
05:27 Jonsi & Alex – Boy 1906
08:22 Future Sound of London – Max
11:06 Mara Carlyle – Pianni (From Accidental Records)
13:07 Maps & Diagrams – Domane (from Future Sequence – SEQUENCE2 )
15:41 Mountains – Blue Lanterns On East Oxford
19:17 Panda Bear – Drone
22:39 Widesky – _____ is Also Movement (from Future Sequence – SEQUENCE2 )
26:20 Ex Confusion – Before We Begin (Forthcoming release on Asip Places)
30:10 Digitonal – Polaris (From Leaves – Leaving 11)
32:54 Verülf – Iroko (From Verulf -Territorial)
35:00 Hammock – Longest Year
37:20 Vangelis – Love Theme
41:00 Umber – I Wasn’t Aiming For The Ocean (Asip exclusive)
46:50 The Bird and the Bee – Spark
50:30 Parks – Song for Autumn
59:15 Biosphere – Monju-2
1:02:55 Jon Hopkins – Journey
1:05:11 Another Fine Day – Spring Song
1:07:37 Echaskech – 626 (Forthcoming release from Asip Places)
 Send In The Drones by machv


  1. Miko Coffey (@mikosoft) 10 April, 2012 at 1:18 pm -

    Loving this mix – listening to it while working and it’s awesome!

  2. machv 10 April, 2012 at 1:43 pm -

    Aw thank you, Honey. :) So glad you’re enojying it. :)

  3. Zbornak 19 April, 2012 at 4:11 am -

    Just what I needed. Thank you!

  4. John 19 April, 2012 at 9:03 pm -

    love it, particularly the use of the Hammock trach which I keep coming back to. Nice contrast of the piano and then the final electronic piece. I am in a crappy open plan office and this will be getting me through tomorow

  5. machv 19 April, 2012 at 9:15 pm -

    Cheers John, I’m a huge fan of Hammock and that track in particular. Glad it’s going to help you get through the day. :)

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